29 May 2014

Jake's 6th Grade Graduation

He graduated! From sixth grade. And is going to middle school next year. And I got to help with the program.

I made a cardboard rocket…and pom pom planets…and included Pluto

A friend brought the white christmas lights. We hung them there at the podium and under the refreshment tablecloth

And you can't tell in most of these photos, but there was also a fog machine behind the rocket.

I got this rocket idea off of the internet, and decided to make my own. It was perfect for holding some of the cupcakes. 

We had other candy there too

And I decorated gum balls to look like the planets

And there were clouds above the audience. It was quite cloudy in there.

Jacob getting his awards 
He wouldn't turn around for me. The picture I got with half of his face was blurry, but here he was anyway.
And here he is with the certificates he earned, and the rocket favors that each kid got to take home.