21 September 2013

Night at the Arcade

The boys wanted to go into laser tag. The girls were just entertained by the fact that their clothes glowed.

They had fun at all of the games too. 

19 September 2013

14 September 2013

Making Tamales in the Kitchen

We recently put ourselves up to the task of finding a delicious homemade tamale recipe. 
I think we found a keeper!
And everyone had fun and found a way to help out in the kitchen. The boys really enjoyed it.

Cooked the chicken...

Mesa! My favorite part of making tamales!

Soaked the corn husks.

Homemade sauce!

The finished product! {Right out of the steamer!}

They were divine!

01 September 2013

Front Yard Soccer Game

Why he was out playing in his boxer shorts is beyond me - so ignore that , but the boys were so cute playing soccer together we just had to get pictures.

They had quite the cheerleader on their side.