09 August 2013

Cody's Raingutter Regatta

Every year Boy Scouts of America puts on a raingutter regatta, where the boys can race their handmade boats in the water and get awards for it. And every year my boys participate, this year though, Jacob turned 11, and the older boys {11 & up} don't paricipate.
So Cody sailed solo this last pack meeting and received the certificate of "The Wind In My Sails".
He was loving it.
 He hand-painted the boat himself.

And he posed all of his awards. He received his ultimate Frisbee beltloop.

He received his BB Shooting Sports Pin.
He received his Porter Rockwell scout day camp patch.

He received his Whittling Chip Card. This is the one thing they do in scouts that scares me to my death, but we all got through this one with no hospital visits which was a success in itself.

And this lovely piece of paper is his certificate for " The Wind In My Sails " for his boat at the Raingutter Regatta Race.