14 August 2013

Happy Birthday Saylee !

Yes, Happy Birthday to Saylee! 
Yesterday, she started playing the harp with a brand new teacher, which was sort of an early birthday present for her, she LOVES playing the harp. 
But when we got there we were a bit early... so we all went to the nearest park to find some shade.

 When we were done at the park, while we were driving back to her lesson, we saw this deer.

 Then we went for a {somewhat} early birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

 It was kid's night there at the roadhouse, so the hostesses were doing some face paint. The boys walked around like they were ready for Halloween for the rest of the night. {and tried to sell the "my sister beat me up" story, but it didn't really work.}

 And on our way to the mall we were, for the rest of the night. {A birthday gift for birthday girl, of course.}

Her brother made her breakfast this morning.
 And then we all went for a fabulous birthday lunch at Cafe Rio.